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AC Consultants Advertising Benefits

Your organisation can enjoy the benefits from advertising on the ACSG website.


  • The ACSG is well-established and well-regarded within South Africa.
  • In its existence of over 37 years, the ACSG strived to keep abreast of both local and international trends and practices regarding Assessment Centres.
  • The website receives regular hits and services of Assessment Centre practitioners are often requested.
  • The website is regularly updated to include latest research and news pertaining  Assessment Centres.
  • A nominal annual fee ensures your visibility.


How do I become an AC Consultant on the ACSG website?
  1. Send your request by email to Judith Williamson (
  2. Include your company logo and website address (URL) in the email.
  3. The website is updated regularly and any changes that you would like to be made to your space can be emailed directly to Judith Williamson.
  4. Upon receipt of proof of payment your organisation’s details, logo and URL will be uploaded.


Please contact Judith Williamson on +27 83 304 6068
or for more information
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