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Assessment outcomes informing strategic organisational decicion making



Assessment Center Perspectives for Talent Management Strategies
By George C. Thornton III, Deborah E. Rupp, Brian J. Hoffman
Publisher: Psychology Press - Taylor & Francis Group
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Listen to what George ThorntonDeobora Rupp and Brian Hoffman say about this book.


ASSESSMENT CENTRES: Unlocking potential for growth
Edited by: Sandra Schlebusch & Gert Roodt
Publisher: Knowledge Resources
ISBN: 978-1-86922-113-3
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Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management
Edited by: Nigel Povah and George C Thornton III
Publisher: Gower Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-40940-386-9
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The Psychology of Assessment Centers
Edited by: Duncan Jackson, Charles E Lance and Brian Hoffman
Publisher: Psychology Press, June 2012


Assessment Centres in Human Resource Management - Strategies for Prediction, Diagnosis and Development

  • Written by George C. Thornton III & Deborah E. Rupp
  • Order online at


Developing Organizational Simulations - A Guide for Practitioners and Students

  • Written by George C. Thornton III & Rose A. Mueller-Hanson
  • Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers

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