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Assessment Center Research Focus Area

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Assessment Centre Research Focus Area


The Department of Industrial Psychology at Stellenbosch University has embarked on developing a departmental research niche area in 2008. One of the areas that was identified under challenges in psychological assessment in South Africa was that of assessment centre research with the focus on construct validity issues.

The first workshop of the Assessment Centre Research Focus area was held at the 29th Annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Conference in 2009 at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch.  At this workshop the following vision, mission and goals were formulated for the research focus area:

The vision of the research focus area:

Is to be renowned as an area of academic excellence in the study of AC & DAC that have practical applied value in South Africa.

The mission of the focus area is:

  1. To provide original, interesting and rigorous research aimed at a broader scientific understanding of AC & DAC within both the South African context and the broader international arena;
  2. Enhance the transfer of knowledge from research through postgraduate training that contributes to practical application of AC & DAC in the real world of work; and
  3. Share expertise with the broader scientific community, organisations and stakeholders to contribute to the sustainability of the research programme.


The goals of the focus area are to:

  1. Collaborate with reputable international researches in the field of AC & DAC;
  2. Utilise teaching and coaching inputs of international experts to build research capacity and strengthen the AC & DAC research culture in SA;
  3. Recruit masters and doctoral students to conduct their studies within the focus area and identify funding opportunities; and
  4. Ensure local and international publications and present findings at local and international conferences.


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