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Part of the reliability and validity of an Assessment Centre depends on using competent observers – people who have proven their competence in Observing behaviour, Noting behaviour, Classifying behaviour and Evaluating behaviour (ONCE). However, these are skills that need to be learned and continuously practiced to ensure competence.

The purpose of Observer 101 is to introduce the potential observer to ONCE and to lay the foundation for eventually becoming a competent observer.




The purpose of Designing Assessment Centres 101 is to lay the foundation for delegates to design an AC that will meet the important research components required for AC validation.  Careful design will therefore support AC validity and practitioners will have a solid platform to support practical initiatives with their clients.

Although a short training programme is not enough to ensure competence, the aim of this training programme is to transfer sufficient skill so that, with practice, the delegates are on the road to competence.




Delivering reliable and valid Assessment Centres are a combination of various factors – analyses of the situation and need; designing simulations that elicit the behaviour linked to the focal constructs, designing a centre with simulations in an effective sequence; designing rating scales and centre documentation that enable effective ratings and documentation.  However, the consistent and effective application of the centre with competent process owners, are also significant factors that influence valid and reliable centres.  The purpose of this module is to position aspects that need to be adhered to during and after a centre to enable reliable and valid centres.  In addition, aspects to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of the centre, as well as approaches to determining the reliability and validity of a centre are clarified.


Please contact Judith Williamson on+27 83 304 6068 for more information.

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