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2011 Conference

Breaking Tradition - New Frontiers for Assessment Centres


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Workshop 1 presented by Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres

Workshop 2 presented by Martin Lanik - Designing a Cross-cultural Training Programme for Assessors

Workshop 3 presented by Adrian Parsadh - Coaching Skills for DAC Facilitators

Workshop 4 presented by Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres

Workshop 5 presented by Subrata Pandey:


Workshop 6 presented by Deon Meiring and François de Kock - Assessment and Development Centre Research Focus Area Workshop: "New Developments and some Research Feedback"


Thursday, 17 March 2011


Keynote Address by Martin Lanik - Breaking Tradition: Assessment Centre 2.0


Keynote Address by Mike Schüssler - South Africa in a Developing Market and African Context


Open Space Session 1

Lydia Cillié-Schmidt and Adriaan Jansen van Vuuren - The Design and Implementation of a Collaborative Development Centre for HR Professionals: A Case Study

Wilma Botha - To Be or Not To Be: The Dilemma of Assessment Centre Role-players

Fred Guest - It's not Inside...It's Outside: How not Focusing on the Assessment Centre can Lead to More Value from Assessment Centre Results

Anne Buckett and Deon Meiring - New Frontiers in Developing a High Fidelity Cartoon Situational Judgement Test for an Insurance Company in South Africa

Hennie Kriek - Global Trends in People Assessment: Implications for the Assessment Centre Method

Open Space Session 2

Gert Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch - Accelerated Learning: The Case for Collaborative Centres

Prakash Khandekar and Nitin Sawardekar - Centres in Organisational Development: A Tale of a Turnaround

Kim Dowdeswell and Pieter Möller - Psychometrics and Assessment Centres: Working Together

Lucille Greeff and Johann Greeff - The Role of Assessment Centres in Maverick Organisations

Johan Struwig - Arguments for and Against Using SJTs as Part of, or Replacing Certain AC Exercises


Friday, 18 March 2011


Plenary Address - Ethics Session by Anne Buckett and Lydia Cillié Schmidt - The Silent Saboteur and Activity Sheet

Keynote Address by Subrata Pandey - Competency Based HR Practices in India: Yesterday and Tomorrow - Lessons for South Africa

Keynote Address by Martin Lanik - Strategies to Make Assessment Centres More Cost Effective


Open Space Session 3

Archana Arcot - Utility of a Competency Based Assessment Approach in a Fast-growing Business Process Outsourcing Situation

Pieter Möller - Development Centres' Measurable Contribution to the Bottom Line

Susanne Burgstaller - New Methods and Tools to Make Assessments More Development Focused

Gert Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch - Rater Differences: When is Differences Really Biased?

Louis Fick - Integrity as a Central and Integral Part of the Current "Cutting Edge" Assessment Centre Concept

Naazneen Samsodien - The Role of the Assessment Centre Role Player (Sponsored by SHL and The Consultants)

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