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2012 Conference

Assessment Centres: The DNA of Managing Talent


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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Workshop 1 presented by Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres

Workshop 2 presented by Martin Kleinmann - The Appropriate use of Dimensions in Assessment Centres

Workshop 3 presented by Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres

Workshop 4 presented by Filip Lievens - How to use Trait Activation Theory in Assessment Centre Practice

Workshop 5 presented by Deon Meiring


Thursday, 15 March 2012


Opening Address by Matimba Mbungela - Vodafone's approach to Talent Management

Keynote Address by Martin Kleinmann - The DNA of Managing Talent - thoughts and empirical evidence

Ethics Presentation by Leon van Vuuren - Assessing for ethical leadership


Open Space Session 1


Pieter Bronkhorst - A Talent Management framework: the outcome of 10 years of research across 19 organisations and 800 managers

Anne Buckett - The customisation of simulation exercises and other challenges as part of a large skills audit project

Gerdi Mulder, Lené Jorgenson and Deon Meiring - The evaluation of a frame of reference training programme for assessors of Assessment Centres

Gert Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch - An alternative approach to measuring Assessment Centre reliabilities

Bogdan Georgiev and Sari Lekhonen - The importance of the Assessment Centre method in staff selection and Talent Management strategies - the example of the European Union institutions

Kim Dowdeswell - The Assessment Centre method in South Africa - implications of proposed Employment Equity Act amendments

Jackie Fourie - Lest we forget - a case study highlighting the risk of complacency in how we "do" Assessment Centres


Open Space Session 2


Johanna Pliska - The role of  positive psychological characteristics in the academic performance and work adjustment of engineers

Johan Struwig - Informing Talent Management decisions through technology-driven Assessment Centre methodology


Annelize van Niekerk and Rian Viviers - Assessing towards managing industrial and organisational psychology talent on masters level

Nadia Brits and Deon Meiring - Investigating the construct validity of an Assessment Centre in South Africa

David Bischof - Integrated Talent Management at management level - a case study

Anne Buckett - Accuracy of candidate self-evaluation after and Assessment Centre

François de Kock, Gert Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch - The lesser of two evils - can companies afford not to test?


Friday, 16 March 2012


Keynote address by Filip Lievens - Assessment as a box of building blocks: Onward with innovative hybrid assessment practices

Plenary Session by Fred Guest and Hennie Kriek - Assessment data and executive decision making - a case study of how hiring managers make selection decisions


Open Space Session 3


Nadene Venter - Re-evaluating the importance of the criterion space in Assessment Centre design

Jan van der Westhuizen - Computer-based simulation technology as part of an Assessment Centre to identify talent in a multi-national organisation

Matthew Tonken and Sandra Schlebusch - Global virtual Assessment Centres - triumphs and lessons learnt

Christine de Villiers and François de Kock - Demographic similarity effects in Assessment Centre ratings - an investigation of assessor bias in the South African context

Marna Malan and Anne Buckett - Maximising staff learning - how DAC helped us to focus first line managers' experience on a manager of others development programme

Jacques Haworth - Talent - an integrated perspective on potential

Hennie Kriek - Talent Management and Assessment Centres - what is the DNA?

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