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2014 ACSG Conference

The Assessment Centre approach: An underutilised and critical link in the organisational value chain

Dedication to Nelson Mandela

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Workshop presentations are available upon request by delegates that attended the specific workshop(s)

Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres

Duncan Jackson - Going macro: Adapting Assessment Centres to a diverse workforce 

J├╝rgen Becker - Understanding your AC's data: a basic primer

Brian Hoffman - The identification of organisational leaders: Practices, problems ad prospects

Research Focus Area Workshop - Hybrid model of AC's molecular approach in designing AC exercises and short sessions on AC topics

  • Deon Meiring - Molecular approach in designing AC exercises - trait activation theory as an intervention strategy in Assessment Centre design: Implications for construct validity
  • Dan Putka - The practical implications of adopting a mixed model perspective on AC functioning
  • Wiekie Bartlett and Jessica Prinsloo - Utilising the principles of competency modelling as part of AC methodologies to measure job-related behaviours of candidates
  • Caitlin de Kok and Christine de Villiers - The impact of cognitive ability on competency ratings: Does 'g' influence scores
  • Linda Hall - Assessment Centres in talent management


Thursday, 13 March 2014


Welcome by David Bischof

Opening address by Koko Khumalo

Keynote Address by Duncan Jackson

Panel Discussion - Charting developments in the 'leadership' terrain and exploring the assessment linkages


Open Space Session One



Open Space Session Two


Friday, 14 March 2013


Panel discussion - The Assessment Centre approach: An underutilised and critical link in the organisational value chain

Keynote address by Dan Putka - Transitioning from traditional ACs to automated simulations: Insights for practice and science

Panel discussion - Assessment Centres at a crossroad: Implications of technology for theory and practice

Plenary session by Cynthia Schoeman - Workplace ethics: The seven big issues


Open Space Session 3


Nathan Carter - Integrating personality assessment into Assessment Centres

Ceri Mongie, Danie Oosthuizen and Wilma Botha - Preparing candidates for ACs: 'A day in the life of ...' versus 'A realistic representation of ...'

Frans Cilliers - Systems psychodynamic analysis of the assessor role in assessment

Hennie Kriek - Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs): The evaluation of features and design elements to determine appropriateness

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