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Election of New ACSG Committee Members


Election of a new ACSG committee will take place every second year at the end of a two year’s term general meeting at the ACSG conference.  ACSG members will be informed on the ACSG website 6 months before the conference of the different portfolio’s that will become vacant and selection criteria. The guidelines for the selection process will be set out clearly too all members and interested practitioners.


Election guidelines

To be nominated to become an ACSG Committee member you must be a member of the ACSG (e.g., membership is determined by attending the ACSG conference).

Candidates for the ACSG Committee must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Acknowledged as an AC practitioner with at least three years’ experience in the application of the AC technique.
  • Must have made some contribution in the field of ACs in South Africa
  • Must be willing to attend most of the ACSG meetings, and that if does not attend 70% of the meetings he/she can be dismissed.
  • Once the committee members have been awarded a portfolio on the ACSG Committee they will have to sign a negotiated performance contract on his/her roles and responsibilities.
  • That a performance management system in the form of a balanced score card will be in place for each committee member being assessed
  • If committee members do not perform according to his/her negotiated contract that he/she can be relieved of his duties.
  • That the committee members will not try to enhance his/or her invested interest, be professional and ethical in his/her conduct.
  • To adhere to the ACSG objectives of transformation and equity at least two members of the ACSG committee must be from previously disadvantage groups.
  • That only two members of the committee be represented by assessment consultant companies.


Selection Process

  • The nomination and the process to be followed for new committee members will be announced by the ACSG chairperson at the first day of the conference. Each conference attendee will receive a nomination form in his conference pack once he/she has registered for the conference.
  • Nominations for ACSG committee members will be taken in on the first day of the conference and only such nominees will be eligible for election.
  • Nominated candidates will be presented to conference attendees on the second day (morning) of the conference. Candidates will introduce themselves and indicate what they can contribute the ACSG.
  • Conference attendees will be handed a voting form, can only vote for 5 people on the nomination list.
  • Votes will be counted by the existing ACSG Committee and the ACSG Chairperson will report the results open and transparently to the conference assembly.
  • The first two members of the PDI group who receives the most votes will be deemed elected to the committee.
  • The first two nominated candidates who represent a consulting firm who have received the highest votes will be deemed elected to the committee.
  • In the event that a committee member resigns from the ACSG committee he/she will be replaced by next candidate on the shortlist.


(Extracted from the ACSg constitution; Appendix A)


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