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General Information

  • The closest airport to Sandton, South Africa is OR Tambo International Airport.


  • An attendance certificate will be emailed to each delegate after conference.


  • Banking and foreign exchange - all South Africa's major banks are represented in Sandton and are equipped to exchange foreign currency.  All banks have ATM machines.  You should also be able to exchange foreign currency at the bigger hotels in and around Sandton.
    • All major credit cards are accepted in most shops and hotels in South Africa, with American Express and Diners Club enjoying less universal acceptance than MasterCard and Visa. If you have a so-called "chip card," you will be required to enter a pin code. Pin-based debit cards are often accepted too.
    • The South African currency is the Rand which is divided into 100 cents. Notes come in denominations of R10, R20, R50, R100 and R200; and coins come in 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1, R2 and R5. There are two R5 coins in circulation, both of which are legal currency. All transactions are rounded down to the nearest 5c. 
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) in South Africa is charged at 14% on most goods and services. Prices on displayed articles in shops include VAT.


  • Car hire and driving in South Africa - delegates that wish to hire a car can do so at any of the car rental agencies at OR Tambo International Airport.   International driver's licences are recognised throughout South Africa.  Please note that we drive on the left side of the road.


  • Catering - breakfast is included in the accommodation rate for guests staying at the Hilton.  Lunch is served for delegates.  Any other meals will be for your own account.


  • Dress during workshops and conference - smart casual / business smart casual.


  •  Internet - Wi-Fi is available at the Hilton conference centre.
  • Insurance - Neither the ACSG nor the venue can accept liability for any personal injuries sustained or loss or damage to property belonging to delegates or persons accompanying them during or as a result of the congress.  You and your guests are strongly advised to purchase sufficient travel insurance for the duration of your travel, congress and tours.
  • Language - South Africans speak English and 10 other official languages.  Some words that you may encounter are:
    • ag (agh) – Generally used at the beginning of a sentence, to express resignation or irritation, as in: "Ag no man! What did you do that for?"
    • braai (br-eye) – An outdoor barbecue, where meat such as steak, chicken and boerewors are cooked, served with pap and bredie.
    • bru (brew) – A term of affection, shortened from Afrikaans broer, meaning "brother". An example would be, "Hey, my bru, howzit?
    • eish (aysh) – Used to express surprise, wonder, frustration or outrage: "Eish! That cut was eina!"
    • howzit – A traditional South African greeting that translates roughly as "How are you?", "How are things?", or simply "Hello".
    • ja (yaa) – Yes.
    • just now – If a South African tells you they will do something "just now", they mean they'll do it in the near future – not immediately, as in, "I'll do the dishes just now."
    • lekker (lekk-irr with a rolling r) – Nice, good, great, cool or tasty.
    • robots – Traffic lights.
    • taxi – Not a metered car with a single occupant, but a minibus used to transport a larger number of people, and the most common way of getting around in South Africa.

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  • Letter of Invitation - The ACSG will gladly provide a letter of invitation to assist delegates with visa applications.


  • There is parking available at the conference venue.


  • Public transport available from OR Tambo International Airport to the Hilton in Sandton.  It is highly recommended that you use the Gautrain.


  • Shuttle service - you are welcome to ask the ACSG to assist with shuttle transfers from OR Tambo International Airport to the Hilton.


  • Venue

     Hilton Sandton
     138 Rivonia Road
     Sandton 2196
     South Africa
     Tel: +27 11 322 1888



  • Visas - Delegates are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visas for entry into South Africa.  Please be advised that all visitors to South Africa are required to have two blank pages in their passports, without which you will be denied entry. For more information please visit or your local South African Embassy or High Commission.


  • Time Zone - GMT +2.  South Africa does not have daylight saving time.


  • Weather - March falls at the end of summer in South Africa and the weather in and around Sandton is pleasant and warm.  Temperatures vary between 15 and 33 °C (60 - 90 °F)


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