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Analytics and the HR Measurement Cycle

Presented at the 2023 Virtual ACSG Conference

on 16 March 2023 from 13:30 - 14:15

I will be introducing the book ‘Foundations of People Metrics and Analytics’ speaking to the contents, nature and format of the book which is briefly summarised below:

Foundations of People Metrics and Analytics provides the people metrics and analytics underpinning that will enable human resource (HR) professionals to engage in various formats of HR analytics projects in their organisations. The book features sections on the necessity for metrics and analytics in people management, the HR measurement process, the various people metrics one can use for different situations, business scenarios in which these aspects can be applied, and the future of the field.

People metrics may be regarded as the data-based language through which the people management function interacts strategically with top management and other functions of the organisation.

As the title suggests, this book provides the foundational aspects of the HR metrics and analytics field, enabling HR professionals to contribute meaningfully to people analytics projects, and to kickstart the journey if this has not yet been instituted. The book incorporates concepts from HR management and data analysis, and systematically and thoroughly takes readers through concepts and principles that will aid them to apply data analysis to various people-related matters. Importantly, the ethical aspects and impact of data analysis in people matters are deliberated throughout the book.

In my presentation, I will speak to the use of metrics and analytics, and linking it to Assessment Centres and discussing how HR measurement in general is an important strategic direction for organisations and professional bodies as a whole.

Renjini Joseph, PhD, is an academic at the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at the University of Johannesburg. She is also the editor of the book ‘Foundations of People Metrics and Analytics’ and the author of seven chapters in the book. With an inherent passion for the triad of people management, technology and higher education, Renjini has contributed to several initiatives in the abovementioned areas for almost two decades through her lecturing, training, corporate and consulting experience. Currently, she researches, guides postgraduate studies, builds courses, and supports organisations to enable HR professionals and management to utilise technology and analytics to contribute strategically to both the organisation and the larger community.



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