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Assessment Centres: Aligning Your Purpose to Your Process – Tracey Stetka

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

26 October 2023 from 17:00 – 18:00 SAST

Assessment Centres have proven to be an effective method for evaluating candidates' skills, competencies and suitability for professional roles. However, for these centres to yield the desired outcomes, it is essential to regularly evaluate your end goal on who and what you are assessing for.

Many organisations are shifting towards employing for skill rather than qualification. Recent LinkedIn data shows that the skills that employees need for a given position have shifted by around 25% since 2015; by 2027, this number is expected to double. It also shows that talent pools expand on average nearly 10 times when using a skills first approach.

When last did you review your AC process to ensure that you’re assessing for your current needs? Are you looking for scarce skills or impactful leadership? Are your successful candidates still aligning to your future strategy?

This presentation delves into the pivotal role of strategic alignment in maximising the value of Assessment Centres. We will also pose some tough questions, including whether Assessment Centres are still justified in the current context of skills-based hiring.

By clearly articulating the objectives and desired outcomes, you can ensure that your AC aligns with your organisation's strategic goals and accurately evaluates the competencies required for success in the role.

Tracey Stetka is a Psychometrist with both corporate and consulting experience. She has in-depth expertise in the assessment field as it relates to employee placement and development. Tracey has a keen interest in understanding people and the impact that talent and assessment practices have across the business. She currently holds the role of Assessment Team Lead at Joint Prosperity, a vibrant people and business consulting company established in 2000. We partner with leadership and organisations to help improve the effectiveness and execution of their strategy by unleashing the power of their businesses through their people.


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