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Assessment Standards South Africa (ASSA)

An independent evaluation of assessment instruments to promote quality standards of testing in South Africa

Presented at the 2023 Virtual ACSG Conference on 17 March 2023 from 11:15 - 12:00

As of February 2019, the HPCSA Psychometrics Committee have been dealing with all matters pertaining to test classification which amongst other areas includes the classification of any assessment as well as the annual publication of a list of psychological tests/psychometric instruments classified by the Professional Board.

Hence a need arose for a system to focus on assessment quality in South Africa. Based on the experience in other countries the voluntary submission of assessment instruments for objective evaluation and reviews raises the general standard and awareness of using quality tests.

As such the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA), the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology South Africa (SIOPSA) and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) established Assessment Standards South Africa (ASSA) which officially launched in June 2022.

ASSA is an independent non-regulatory external assessments evaluation organisation which aims to assist in implementing a robust, best practice and technology enabled process that can be used to review people assessment instruments and tests.

This session will outline the test review process and introduce the online test review system. In the discussion to follow, ASSA will provide insights and take questions on the classification and certification process as a best practice approach to assessment evaluation in South Africa.

David Bischof is currently a Director for Assessments Standards South Africa (ASSA) as well as Chairperson for People Assessments in Industry (PAI), an interest group of the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA). David is also a Director: Business Development at Organisational and Management Technology (OMT) and a previous Senior Manager of the Assessment Centre at Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd He holds a Master’s degree in Research Psychology (cum laude) and is registered as both a Research Psychologist and a Psychometrist – Independent/Private Practice with the HPCSA.

As chairperson for ASSA and for PAI – David focuses on ensuring that testing exists in the South African context as a value adding, ethical and fair practice. David specialises in psychometrics as well as leadership assessments and talent interventions. development as well as high level local and international project management of Assessment Centres used.

David is also past chairperson for the Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG). David has presented on numerous occasions at the ACSG and SIOPSA conference on best practice assessment and talent management approaches as well as global human capital trends.

Hennie Kriek is currently Professor Extraordinarius at UNISA and CEO of TTS-Top Talent Solutions Group. He is a registered and practicing IO Psychologist working globally in IO Psychology for more than 35 years and was President of SHL (CEB) USA, Canada and Americas.

Hennie presented over 200 conference papers and lectures nationally and international: SIOPSA, SIOP, Academy of Management, International Assessment Conference, ACSG, EAWOP, ICP, ITC, ATP International, Colorado State University, University of Nebraska, New York University, University of South Africa, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, University of Witwatersrand.

Listed above is a small selection from the training work Dr Kriek has done over a period of 35 years. He consults on a global basis in the end to end talent management cycle. This includes executive coaching, competency design, objective assessment, assessment centers, selection, personnel decision making, global talent management and human resource development. He worked with companies such as IBM, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, BHPBilliton, Pfizer, Enterprise Car Rental, HSBC, Capital One and Barclays to name a few.

He currently serves on the editorial board of “Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Perspectives on Science and Practice” (USA), “Human Performance” (USA), “Southern African Business Review” (SA) and advisory editor of the “Journal of Industrial Psychology“(SA). He also acted as a member of the awards committee of the “M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace” of SIOP (USA) and was consulting editor of “International Journal of Management Reviews” (UK).

Hennie was awarded honorary membership of SIOPSA (Society for Industrial Psychology of South Africa) for his contribution to IO Psychology and was also awarded honorary membership of the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa (ACSG) for his contribution to the study of Assessment Centres.



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