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Election Process for New ACSG Committee Members

Appendix A of the ACSG Constitution 2018

Who is an ACSG Member?

"A person who attends an ACSG conference will become a member of the ACSG after attending a conference for a period of two consecutive years". (ACSG Constitution 2018).

Current ACSG members are participants that attended and ACSG conference in 2021 and 2022.

Appendix A of the ACSG Constitution 2018


Election of a new ACSG committee will take place every second year at the ACSG conference.

  • An ACSG committee’s term ends after a two-year term.

  • Committee members that have served on the ACSG committee for one two-year term may be nominated for a second two-year term.

Election guidelines

The ACSG committee is elected from volunteers who do not receive any financial compensation.

To be nominated to become an ACSG committee member the person must have attended the previous two consecutive conferences.

Candidates for the ACSG committee must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • is a professional with practical experience in ACs;

  • is an emerging professional with an interest in ACs;

  • must be able to attend the ACSG meetings;

  • members who have previously served on the ACSG committee are eligible for re-election;

  • members who would like to serve in the following term are eligible for re-election; provided that they performed to the satisfaction of the chairperson during their tenure;

  • committee members should be as representative as possible of all current members in good standing;

  • committee members will not try to enhance his/her own vested interests and must be professional and ethical in his/her conduct; and

  • a person who has previously been relieved of their duties from the ACSG committee will not be eligible for re-election.

Selection Process

  • The nomination and the process to be followed for new committee members will be announced by the ACSG chairperson at the first day of the conference.

  • Nominations for ACSG committee members will be taken in on the first day of the conference and only nominees will be eligible for election. The nomination process will close 30 minutes after completion of the last session on the first day of the conference.

  • Conference attendees complete a voting form and can only vote for a maximum of six (6) people on the nomination list.

Votes will be counted by the honorary members present at the conference.The ACSG chairperson will report the results openly and transparently to the conference assembly.

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