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Exploring Self-Confidence in Female Mangers – Karin Viljoen

29 August 2023

Self-confidence is considered one of the most critical factors in determining career paths. Numerous studies have documented gender differences in self-confidence, with women generally having lower levels of self-confidence compared to men.

Specific development centre data from a global manufacturing client reveals that female leaders, both at first-line and senior management levels, display lower self-confidence than their male counterparts. This finding prompts an exploration of the potential factors contributing to this similarity in self-confidence among female leaders. The webinar will examine women's reduced preference for leadership roles, their likelihood of being chosen for leadership positions, and the differences in how their effectiveness is perceived and evaluated compared to men.

Furthermore, the client's initiatives aimed at supporting the retention and development of its female leaders will be discussed. These measures are aimed at addressing the issue of self-confidence and promoting the growth of female leaders within the organisation.

Karin Viljoen is a registered Industrial Psychologist with almost 10 years of experience in talent acquisition, retention and management. She has worked with diverse clients in several industries (including Finance, Insurance, Mining and IT) across the globe. Karin currently consults for the Morgan Philips Group as part of their UK Talent Consulting team that specialises in empowering organisations to achieve their most important goals by harnessing the power of their people

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