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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We need your input to identify the leadership competencies that current and future manager-leaders would need to lead organisations to effective performance. You are invited to use the link below to participate in the survey:

Background to the Research:

The world of work has changed rapidly during the past few years because of the ever-increasing use of various types of technology and consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we are experiencing changes in the geo-political situation; global and regional economics; socio-demographic challenges; and a climate crisis that includes ecological degradation.

If the world, and specifically the world of work is changing, employees will be impacted. If employees and the context in which organisations operate are changing, are the manager-leader competencies we currently use during the various people interventions still relevant and important? Although some research is emerging about the competence requirements of manager-leaders, much more research is required.

The purpose of this survey is to identify the most important managerial / leadership competencies that will help a leader to stay competitive and successful in their current position, and prepare them for the future, with due account of the new realities.

Who is the Assessment Center Global Village (ACGV)?

We are a group of volunteer research-practitioners. Our mission is to create a collaborative network of scientists and practitioners who come together to define an inspiring purpose, to facilitate communication, to create an innovative atmosphere to study, discuss, develop new methods, and share Assessment Center best practices around the world.

Our Values Are:

Ethics: We follow commonly accepted standards of conduct and best practices

Evidence: We make decisions based on data and scientific evidence

Collaboration: We choose to work together to achieve our shared goals

Innovation: We inspire assessment center players around our global ecosystem to develop new methods.

Our Members Are:

Hubert Annen, Practitioner / Academic, Switzerland

Anna Baczynska, Academic, Poland

Hendrik Bronkhorst, Practitioner, South Africa

Pieter Bronkhorst, Practitioner / Academic,South Africa

Gary Chen, Practitioner, Taiwan

Irving Huang, Academic,Taiwan

Homayoon Koord, Practitioner, Iran

Vina Pendit, Practitioner, Indonesia

RK Premarajan (Prem), Academic, India

Deborah Rupp, Academic, USA

Sandra Schlebusch, Practitioner, South Africa

Svetlana Simonenko, Practitioner, Russia

George Thornton, Practitioner/ Academic, USA

Please visit the ACGV website for more information about the ACGV:


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