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Mapping Diversity

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Presented at the 2023 Virtual ACSG Conference

on 16 March 2023 from 15:00 - 15:45

This presentation is about diversity, equity and industry (DEI) in the workplace and how human resource departments can utilise trainings, workshops and measuring DEI. This is to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe to not only bring their whole self to work but to also provide psychological safety by protecting the employees’ psychological contracts. Case studies will also be presented where measuring and mapping diversity in organizations can go beyond HR and be a point of celebration of inclusivity in the workplace.

Gene Holloway is a Principal DEI Consultant finishing a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology in December of 2022. He earned a Master’s degree in Psychology/Education and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ottawa University. Gene has over 15 years of extensive experience with resolving systemic DEI barriers, handling cultural diversity training issues, tackling organizational diversity, equity and inclusion issues and helping organizations with leadership development/management. His experiences and training in I/O Psychology over time, has sharpened his awareness about the interconnections between organizational culture, employee job satisfaction, company thriving, executive/mid-management leadership, and DEI maturation measuring.

Katlyn Ford is an Associate DEI Consultant who has her Master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. While working studying criminal justice and working in law enforcement she realized she had a passion for different DEI topics and how they took place in the workplace. She has a passion for helping organizations understand their employees have a sustainable work culture that follows DEI best practices.

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