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ACSG Special Awards

The purpose of the policy is to provide the SA Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) committee with clear and objective criteria for recognising individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the ACSG and the field of Assessment Centre (AC) practice.

A clear and objective set of criteria will provide the ACSG to evaluate nominations for honorary membership; and to make informed decisions when it comes to bestowing special awards.


Nominations should be submitted to the ACSG’s support and compliance manager by the end of December each year.

Special Awards

Criteria for ACSG Special Awards

Nomination for a special award is open to anyone of any nationality.

Any ACSG member can nominate an individual for a special award by completing the special award nomination form.

The nominee should have at least fifteen (15) years of experience in the science and practice of ACs.

Special awards are given for accumulated distinction in the field of ACs over several years rather than for a single accomplishment.

The nominee is recognised to have contributed to one or more of the following categories:

  • Outstanding contribution or innovation that has substantially influenced ACs;

  • Outstanding managerial skills that have influenced the field of ACs;

  • An outstanding career in ACs, which has been instrumental in the development of specific methodology and/or technology of key importance to the AC field;

  • Outstanding contributions to international cooperation in the field of ACs, which have had major beneficial consequences for the ACSG;

  • Outstanding contribution to the field of AC research.

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