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KR Publishing is thrilled to introduce SEVEN NEW TITLES on leadership, coaching, and mentoring. In a time when leadership is extensively featured in the media, whether it is portrayed positively (as seen with Siya Kolisi) or, in most cases, negatively (many names may come to mind), we bring you a collection that offers multiple perspectives on leadership and the development of strong leaders at all levels.

All seven of our new titles are must-reads, but here are two of the books worth mentioning:

Peter Laburn's book, Leading with Humanity: Unlock the Leader You are Meant to Be, takes us on a profound journey, unveiling the essence of true leadership and how to nurture the leadership potential within each of us. Margaret Wheatley, the author of the bestseller Leadership and the New Science, had this to say about his book: "Peter's work spans from the macro to the micro, providing both the broader context and the inner skills and practices necessary to develop as a sane leader. Thank you, Peter, for offering us such a rich set of resources."

Another noteworthy book, Ubuntu Coaching and Connection Practices for Leader-Managers: Selected Practices to Grow Your Team in a Fast-Changing World, written by Dr Dumisani Madadlela, presents a fresh and innovative approach to coaching. This book has garnered remarkable praise thus far, and here are two testimonials from coaching pioneers: Nancy Kline, the author of Time to Think, remarked, "To read this book is to grow, to emerge as a better human being and a more valuable leader." Magdelena Mook, CEO of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), added, "This book extends a rare and wide invitation to explore Ubuntu in a powerful way within professional coaching, especially for teams. Read it - your experience will be truly worthwhile."

For all the details about these new books and to learn about our fantastic launch offers, please CLICK HERE.

Additionally, we invite you to attend one of our complimentary online coffee sessions with the authors. You can find all the information you need HERE.

We trust that you will find this information valuable and look forward to your continued engagement with us.


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